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Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition

Can I use Bugatti Smartwatches with an iPhone?

Yes, absolutely. Bugatti smartwatches work with iPhones with iOS 13.0 and higher without any restrictions! (iOS 13.0 works on all iPhones since the iPhone 6s)

How do I change the watch strap?

Below you will find a video showing the process. The wristbands can be changed without tools using two small safety slides on both sides of the wristband. To unmount a wristband, please press the two sliders together. Install the new wristband by pre

Is the watch suitable for people with allergies?

Both the watch and the straps have a RoHS certificate. All materials are also skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.

What is a RoHS certificate?

Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic "equipment" is the title of EU Directive 2011/65/EU, which was revised in 2011 (2011/65/EU, ROHS 2) and supplemented in 2015 (EU 2015/863, ROHS 3). Since 2006, it has

What material is the packaging made of?

We emphasize sustainable management with minimal use of raw materials while maximizing product quality. The wooden box is made of sustainable wood. The leather is vegan leather.

Can I use other watch straps?

Every Bugatti watch only works with the watch straps specifically designed for this watch. Likewise, it is not possible to fit third-party watch straps to the watch.

How long does the battery last under what conditions?

The battery life of the Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition smartwatch is up to 12 days. However, the actual battery duration may vary based on how much you use the smartwatch. Like any other smartwatch, the GPS and display consume the most power. So, if

What size is the battery?

It is a specially designed lithium-ion battery with 540mAH and 3.8V.

Which processor does the watch use?

Cortex M4 core @120MHz, Cortex M0+ core; with 2MB Flash, 640kB SRAM + Cortex M4 @ 64MHz, 1MB Flash, 256kB SRAM

Why are multiple processors installed?

The BugattiOS operating system has intelligent load distribution for optimum energy efficiency. This allows the operating system to go into an ultra-low energy range during very inactive periods and to call up additional power when demand is higher.

Can I use the bezels from the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One on the Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition as well?

All Bugatti bezels can be mounted on all Bugatti Smartwatches.

Can the watch record sleep?

The Bugatti Smartwatch has a sleep recording feature and also measures your regeneration and stress during sleep. You can view details on the watch and in the app.

What sports are supported?

Bugatti Smartwatches support a range of running activities (free running, 1k, 1 mile, 3k, 2.5 miles, 5k, 7.5k, 5 miles, 10k, 1/4 marathon, 7. 5 miles, 10 miles, 1/2 marathon, marathon), cycling, road biking, mountain biking, walking, Nordic walking,

Is a stopwatch available?

Yes, Bugatti Smartwatches have several stopwatches: a classic stopwatch that is also suitable for manually stopping lap times, an acceleration stopwatch that measures your acceleration GPS-controlled, and a GPS lap timer that automatically measures y

Is there an alarm clock?

Yes, you can set a separate alarm time for each day of the week. The alarm call is triggered by increasing vibrations. The vibrations become so strong that you will hear the alarm clock even if you do not wear it at night and it is placed on a solid

Which notification services are supported?

Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Email, Skype, Calendar, Snapchat, Twitter, Slack, WeChat, Tinder, Alipay, and Weibo. There is also an option for all notifications that do not fall in one of these categories.

What is regeneration?

The body's ability to recover depends on how we handle stress and allow for rest. We all experience different stressful situations like work, sports, lack of sleep, and improper nutrition over time. To prevent these stresses from overwhelming our bod

What is HRV?

Heart rate variability (also called HRV) is the ability of the organism to optimally adjust the sequence of heartbeats and thus enable the best possible supply of blood to the organism and the necessary demand for oxygen and other nutrients. - Variab

How does the Ghost Challenge work?

You can set any distance and your desired target time to start a challenge against yourself or set your desired target time for a race distance. You then run against a pacemaker (Ghost) and can use that as a guide to see if you are ahead or behind yo

How exactly does the acceleration function work?

When you enter the Acceleration menu item, you can choose between different acceleration measurements. 0-100, 0-150, 0-200, and so on. Once it is activated, you can start. The watch tracks acceleration automatically via the 6-axis sensor and GPS. If

How does the GPS Laptiming feature work?

When you navigate to the GPS Laptiming menu item, you can set the start/finish line on any (outdoor) race track or circuit, regardless of the sport (from running to motorsports). The start/finish line will then be permanently stored until you overwri

How many Watch Faces are there?

There are several watch faces with different color options, so there are 55 variants in total. All watch faces are available for all Bugatti Smartwatch models.

Is there an always-on display?

Yes, there is an always-on display. Turning it on will significantly reduce the battery time to 1-2 days.

How does the watch determine the time zone I am in?

The time zone is taken from the smartphone but can be set separately by the user on the watch.

Is there a possibility to set a 2nd time zone?

A second time zone is available for some dials.

How does the changeover of summer and winter time work?

The summer and winter time is set automatically via the time zone.

How are calories/dehydration measured if I don't wear the watch at night?

When you're not wearing your Bugatti Smartwatch, our smart algorithm recognizes it and makes adjustments. It disables certain features like HRV and micro-motion measurement, and instead relies on your previous data to provide accurate information abo

When is VO2Max displayed?

VO2Max is displayed if the necessary conditions for it are present:Limitations:- Kilometers run or started in the first 5 minutes are ignored.- The formula always refers to metric units.- Only km containing less than 30 m positive or negative elevati

Is there a timer?

Yes, there is. From the main menu go down to the forth menu item "Countdown Timer. Here you are able so set a timer of up to 10 hours.

What are the exact dimensions of the watch?

The diameter is 46 mm,The height is 14.7 mm.Lug to lug is 55.5 mm.

Which sensors does the watch have?

The watch has a combined 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope sensor with an integrated microprocessor for data analysis and gesture recognition, 2 heart rate/heart rate variability sensors, and a GNSS sensor.

How long does the charging process take?

A battery charge from 0-80% takes about 45min. A battery charge from 0-100% takes about 75min.

Does the watch have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth communication runs on a multi-protocol ARM®-based dual-core processor that supports Bluetooth® 5.2.

Is it possible to make calls with the smartwatch?

In favor of a larger battery, a longer battery life, and a water resistance of 100 meters, this function was omitted.

Is the watch equipped with GNSS/GPS?

The watch has a GNSS subsystem that supports Galileo (Europe), GPS (USA) and Glonass (Russia).

How accurate is the GNSS/GPS?

The intelligent algorithm automatically detects how high the resolution needs to be in order to function. For certain functions that require higher resolution and clocking, the watch uses all three GNSS systems simultaneously, increasing the resoluti

What are the specifications of the display?

1.19 inch 390x390 RGB sapphire glass AMOLED touch display, 16.7 million colors.

What is the advantage of a sapphire glass display?

A sapphire glass display is the highest quality of all solutions. Sapphire glass is virtually impossible to scratch in practice. If you would like to read more about sapphire glass, please visit our blog article about sapphire glass.

Does the watch have WiFi?

A WiFi module is not installed. All communication between the phone and the smartwatch takes place via Bluetooth. This significantly extends the battery life.

Where can I connect my Bugatti Charger?

The Bugatti Charger has a modern USB-C plug. You can connect the charger to any USB-C plug, whether in the car, on the laptop, on a cell phone charger or a powerbank, the Bugatti Charger always automatically draws the right charging power from it. Ea

Which languages are supported?

Supported languages are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

Where is the data stored?

The login screen of your app shows three options:- Create an account- Social login- Privacy modeIf you choose to create an account or use the social login your data is stored in the Bugatti Cloud.If you choose the privacy mode your data is stored on

Is there a connection to Apple Health?

Yes, there is. Here are the instructions.

Is there a connection to Google Health?

The connection to Google Health will be implemented in the future.

Is there a Strava integration?

Yes, a Strava integration is available. Here are the details.

Is it possible to update the watch?

Yes, the app automatically detects if the watch has the latest software version and suggests an update if necessary, which can be easily done via the app.

Is it possible to activate the display with a rotation of the hand?

Yes, the watch has gesture recognition and you can activate the display with a rotation of your hand if this setting is enabled.

What operating system does the watch work with?

The Bugatti smartwatch has a standalone operating system (BugattiOS) that is 100% compatible with Android and iOS, but focuses on battery life and independent functions.

Can I pay with NFC?

Payment via NFC is not possible. We use the entire space to achieve a long battery life.

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Is the watch suitable for people with allergies?

Both the watch and the straps have a RoHS certificate. All materials are also skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.