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Which components are covered by the 1-year warranty?Updated 2 months ago

We guarantee to the original consumer/purchaser that the device is free from defects in material or workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase.

• Damages resulting from the user opening the product, unauthorized persons, or service provided by nonauthorized Bugatti Smartwatches service centers are not covered.
• Damages resulting from non-authorized accessories, batteries, chargers, etc. are not covered.
• We guarantee that your Bugatti Smartwatch will have at least 80% battery capacity after 1 years.
This is due to the limits of current battery technology. The warranty for the battery ends after 1 years. If you need a new battery after the 1-year warranty, we offer a battery replacement program.
• Damages resulting from the user (e.g., by dropping the watch, smashing it against hard materials, diving deeper than indicated in this guide, etc.) are not covered.
• Watch straps and bezels are worn parts and not part of this warranty. They can be purchased easily on our online store
• Damages resulting from abnormal exposure to chemical substances, extremely low or high temperatures (lower than -10°C or higher than 45°C) are not covered.
• This warranty does not apply to stolen products. 

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